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News from Vicki

26 December 2016


So lucky to be able to welcome back to Australia the world’s most foremost jumping coach, George Morris, whose CV is littered with not just personal Olympic Medals and 5* Grand Prix wins, but the ability to coach and mentor riders to those levels, having been responsible as coach and Chef d’Equip to so many of the US Olympic and World Ch’ship Gold Medal teams.

He is here to conduct 3 Clinics, two at Mount White, and one in Victoria at the fabulous Boneo Park.  Details of the Mount White Clinics are as follows:

30/12 til 1/1 (no New Year’s parties for these guys, so that’s dedication for you...)
Group 1. 8 til 10 a.m. 1.40 group
1. Dave Cameron
2. Tal Barwick
3.Gabi Kuna
4.Mitch Peulic
5.Amanda Madigan
6.Tom McDermott

Group 2. 10 til 12 noon. 1.25 group
1.Tom McDermott
2.Ben Blay
3.Vicki Roycroft
4.Laura Sloey
5.Gabi Kuna
6.Will Mathew

Group 3. 3 til 5 p.m. 1.15 group
1.Colleen Brook
2.Liz Koob
3.Riley Mackillop
4.Sophie Ahmat
5.Paige McBain
6.Chiara Amor

3/1 til 5/1
Group 1
1.Amanda Madigan
2.Vicki Roycroft
3.Mitchell Peulic
4.Jess Brown
5.Rod McQueen
6.Michelle Lang-McMahon

Group 2.
1.Gemma Tinney
2.Steph Mackillop
3.Brittany Ireland
4.Coco Delahunty
5.Millie Fisher
6.Eliana Dery

Group 3.
1.Mahlea Lang-McMahon
2.Penny Newbold
3.Elisabeth Brinton
4.Carissa Drew
5.Danae O’Keeffe
6.Amy Brydon

Spectators are very welcome at $40 per head. A great opportunity as George has such a wealth of knowledge, and such an articulate way of expressing it, that spectators will gain an enormous amount. For Mt White, please bring money on the day, and a folding chair!  Plenty of shade available. 

There will also be copies of George’s book ‘Unrelenting’ for sale, as well as dvd’s ‘Dressage for Jumpers’.  Also opportunities for book signings but only after the last group (5 p.m.) on Saturday 31st Dec and Wednesday the 4th Jan.

Details for Boneo Park Clinic 7/1 til 9/1 can be obtained from Boneo Park.  See you all soon!

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