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News from Vicki

30 September 2012

Have had some super lovely shows this month, but the big news was Jamie Priestley and Riley Mackillops' great performances at the Bogota Junior International Show in Columbia.  Riding borrowed horses, both qualified for the Final out of 40 kids, which is a first for Aussie juniors, then Riley won the Final.  Both kids went really well, Jamie doing a great job on a mare that was only 5, so very proud of both my students.

Meanwhile back home we had first up a lovely 2 day show at Hawkesbury Showground, principally organized by Jenny Sheppard to help raise funds to run Jumping Council's Summer Classic Show in December at SIEC.  The venue provided plenty of room, footing that was not too bad considering our dry winter, and excellent classes and tracks in both rings thanks to David Sheppard in the main ring and John Vallance in the second.  Had a great start with my kids Steph on Cy, Georgie on Austy and Ri on Jimbo being 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the first Junior, then the next day Jamie on new pony KS Optimus was 4th in the Junior Final.  Kenny and Casino did enough good things to make me Leading Lady Rider, winning a flying lesson from Smartair (oh dear, when is that gonna happen?), as well as Wiggle (aka Copabella Vigil) winning the 7 year old class for me, when the ungrateful toad kicked his adoring owner/rider Gemma in the knee that morning.

Rob Moffatt on Kyan Platinum

The new 'Benny', Rob Moffatt on Kyan Platinum at the Hawkesbury Show conducted by NSW Jumping Council.  Platinum (aka Chook) is owned by Kylie Fowler, and is by Ideal de Valette, out of the dam of Dustin Bones, campaigned so sucessfully by Vince Grech, Alison Rowland
and Jess Stalling.

Welshie power!

Welshie power!  Steph Mackillop and Georgie Grove on their Welshie crosses, Cy and Austy, 1st and 2nd in the Junior at Hawkesbury, with
Ri Mackillop on the lovely thoroughbred Our Great Show (aka Jimbo) 3rd.

Kinnordy Gyllian

One of the promising Team Roycroft youngsters, Kinnordy Gyllian, bred by Holger Schmorl and produced by Raewyn Boland. Lots of ability this one...

Next up Kerrie Winning's second show at Richmond on the beautiful grounds owned by Peter and Rebecca Higgins.  Kerrie has improved on the format of the first show, having 4 rings running on the huge polo field, with trade stands inbetween, and action happening all the time.  Main class winner Jamie Kermond was in great form, winning on both days.  With 4 rings it was a little hard to keep up (as a rider) with what was going on, but it was great to have all our team getting ribbons, with Issie and Pammy going well in the Junior Final, and Lee and Puzzle doing well in the Ammies.  Kenny, Kurt and Casino jumped well, all getting ribbons, and Rob Moffatt went well on Orox, but Viduka was unable to start due to Orox kicking him in the truck.  Again JV and Shep, along with Brad Longhurst and Mark Atkins did great work with the tracks.

In the meantime we had our first Casino foals, both colts and both bay, and of course, super adorable!  One, a first foal out of an Errol mare, and the second out of a Genghis Khan mare.  Both excellent types with very correct, straight legs.  Couldn't be happier with them, except I really wanted a black one!  maybe not so easy out of a bay and a chestnut mare.

So onto Werribee for the National Ch'ships.  And boy, what a show the Victorians put on, and fortunately, even the weather wasn't too bad.  Werribee is an excellent venue for this type of show, as there is heaps of room, and all facilities are good and close enough to the action.  The large Committee headed up by Olympian Gavin Chester had done an outstanding job giving the arena a real European 'feel', and the footing had been extensively worked on to make it as good as it could possibly be in that part of the world.  The entries were fantastic, and the competition strong, and excellent innovative courses were designed by Franz Vadl (?) from Austria, who had designed tracks at the recent Linz 4* show that was one of our Aussie team's Olympic Selection Trials.  Tom McDermott, freshly home from 3 months in Europe with Gilbert Bockmann was a well deserved Senior and Young Rider Champion, I'm sure the first time that this has been done, but we have known for a long time what a precocious talent Tom is.  So at the tender age of 19 this is his 4th or 5th Australian Title?  Finally I believe we have the last days' events sorted.  The Victorians were a bit reluctant to want to run to the stated formula of the 3 events all counting for the Final outcome, wanting the Final Grand Prix to be a stand alone event.  However, we wished it to be over the three, as this is how most of the major Ch'ships in the world are now run, and educates our riders more on the emphasis of the time factor.  The first Junior final was run under an Article whereby the second deciding round was seeded on the rankings in the class, not the overall rankings, thus creating what has happened in the past, confusion in that Jake Hunter was about 5th out of 20 odd out, and won the overall Ch'ship, but it was Brooke Langbecker, many riders later, who won the class.  Very confusing.  After that it was decided to change the Article (thanks for the support of Anne Garner..), so that the second round seeding was on the ranking of the overall Ch'ship.  Thus it was an exciting build up for the last half dozen horses in the ring in both the Young Rider and Senior Ch'ship.  Tim Dreverman did a great job commentating once he got his head around the concept, and the seeding of the Young Rider and Senior made it a great deal easier.  Tom was an outstanding winner of both the Young Rider Ch'ship and the Grand Prix on Statford Delight, while he was also the highly deserving winner of the Senior Title on Romantic Dream, with Sharon Slater on Ulixes winning the Grand Prix with the only double clear round, but paying for her caution in earlier rounds.  Also outstanding in the Senior Ch'ship was West Aussies Rory Hovell on his stallion Val d'Isere, and Alison Rowlands on her super Errol sired mare, Bickley Brook Bella.  Our guys also great with Casino placing 1st, 2nd and 6th out of 4 starts, jumping super every day, showing his toughness and carefulness.  Kurt and Kenny were a bit patchy.  Rob and Orox won the Future Stars class in emphatic fashion with a super round against the clock, and Viduka was 2nd to another Queenslander Dave Goodwin and Jetson in the Speed Ch'ship.

George Morris Clinics happening again in January.  First one here 11th to 13th, then also here on 15th and 16th.  Then a 2 day clinic in Victoria, and finally 3 days in New Zealand.  So looking forward to it.

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