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News from Vicki

29 November 2012

Oops!  Nearly end of November, and haven’t up dated. Lots been happening.  Alex Townsend had a wonderful show at her property “Wallaby Hills”, which, like the Polo Shows run by Kerry Winning, was a lovely showcase for the sport.  Her grass arena is superb, and the Grand Prix class on Sunday, won by Sharon Slater and Ulixes, was a great class with super tracks designed all weekend by Mark Atkins.  Also fun was the Derby class earlier in the day won by John Twomey.  Jamie Winning and I kept the Jumpers’ side up, managing to sneak into the placings, and it was great to hoot around, although I wasn’t brave enough to take on too many of the skinny eventing fences!  The indoor also a lovely arena, although not really suited to big jumping, as the surface was a bit fluffy, and the light on the one long side was quite a factor.  Thus it was a good decision to move the Sunday Mini and Grand Prixs to the outdoor grass.  The footing in the grass warm up was also way too firm, but that part of the world did have snow the previous weekend(!), and any issues were cheerfully and speedily addressed by Alex and her great team.  Many thanks for a super new show.  All ponies pleased with bows indoors and outdoors.

Also a new venue and name for the State Titles.  OC Chair Edwena Mitchell, now always mindful of footing issues, plus the size of the show, eventually settled on running it indoors (thus the NSW Indoor Ch’ships) at the magnificent facility of AELEC at Tamworth.  Again, mindful of footing, Edwena used the services of Leeson Sirrett to look after the indoor tracks, and he was outstanding in both his tracks, and the care of the ground.  There is no doubt in my mind that Leeson is our most knowledgeable person regarding suitable jumping footing, and is without peer in this country indoors.  Generally a great show, although the scoring for the main Ch’ships became a bit muddied.  Sharon Slater and Ulixes were declared the Senior State Champions, even though they had not finished in front of Evie Buller and Yalambi’s Landor in any of the 3 classes!  Seems after the multiplying factor was put in, the curious decision was made to then just score the first round of the final Grand Prix, where Evie had a rail, and Sharon was clear.  Evie was then clear in jump off and Sharon had a rail in a slower time.  Big oops again... one of these days we will get the system right!  Sarah McMillan was Young Rider Champion, and well done to Kate Hinchken, and her coach Rob Moffatt(!) for the Junior Championship.  Casino jumped super to be clear all the way through, 3rd, 1st and 2nd in his 3 classes to be declared 1.35 Champion.  Kinnordy Gyllian continued her improvement to win and place, and is starting to fulfill her promise, although her horse shyness in the warm up is still a bit of a problem.  Issie won a class on Pammy, and Georgie Grove and Steph Mackillop went great in Juniors, as was Chiara and Puma.

Vicki and Casino Royale Noblewood Park

Casino Royale Noblewood Park, 1.35 Champion at the
NSW Indoor Ch’ships at Tamworth. 3rd, 1st and 2nd in his 3 classes. 
Thanks Rachel Smith for the photo

Sadly then Rob, Viduka and Orox continued onto Queensland, as Benny was now back from his French adventure.  Always thought Benny's shoes would be hard to fill, but Rob proved to be a great assett to Team Roycroft during his time with us, and we will be pleased to welcome him back for one of the George Morris Clinics in January. Benny had had a fantastic time in France, being based with my good friends Edouard and Sylvie Couperie at Edouard’s and Eric Negres’ stables at Barbizon.

Also made the long trip down to Wodonga, as it looked like they needed the bit of support, although I am a bit short of horsepower at the moment.  Benny’s welcome home was to ride 2 of the Z Graders around which was a bit of a challenge.  Especially considering that horses here have to earn firstly their back shoes, then back stud holes, and maybe once they hit 1.20 level, front studholes.  Early morning D Grades on dewy ground wasn’t great for the back shoeless pair, but Benny did a great job in the circumstances. Gavin Chester took over outdoor course designing duties from Bobby Pritchard, and did an outstanding job all 3 days.  Benny did place on Willy, which was good, as Willy is now sold overseas.  Kenny, Casino and Gylly (who has earned back shoes and back stud holes!) were great, all placing, and the World Cup was once again a super class in front of a packed house over a decent track with excellent footing conjured up once again by, you guessed it, Leeson Sirrett.  Billy Raymont showed again what a super jockey he is by jumping 2 of only 3 clear rounds in the first round, and ending up the victor on his old campaigner, Stardom, from another very decent rider in Dave Cameron, who jumped the only other first round clear from the number one draw on the Bonnie Martin owned Bellarose R.  Equitana also had a World Cup on the Thursday night, and this was won by the Premier des Hayettes sired Bickley Brook Bella, produced and ridden by Alison Rowlands. Great to see Doogie with  a pair of super horses again in Bella, and her full sister Bickley Brook Bianca.  Bella then continued her good form with the only double clear round to win the Sale World Cup, and take over the lead in the League from Evie Buller.

Noblewood Park Cassinata

Promising young mare Noblewood Park Cassinata, owned by
Robynne McTaggert and Roycroft Stables at the Central Coast
Jumping Club Ch’ships

Cassinata and Admiral Venture

Riley Mackillop and I comparing notes on the merits of grey horses.  Me on Cassinata, and he is on his new pony we bought for him, Admiral Venture, previously campaigned by Lucy Bennett, and a full brother to her lovely jumper, Sailor.

Kinnordy Gyllian and Vicki

Another of my grey fetish’s. Kinnordy Gyllian, owned by
Raewyn Boland and Roycroft Stables, starting to be a very good girl

George Morris Clinics nearly full again, but I have a Reserve list for those who are interested. Clinic dates are 11th to 13th January, and 15th to 17th January, both at Mount White. Anywhere west of Mount White is going to be way too hot, and my grass arena has plenty of shade trees! Spectators welcome at $35 per day. Then he goes to Victoria to Adam Wootten’s, then New Zealand, where John and Jacki Cottle are organising a Clinic.

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