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News from Vicki

10 July 2012

Oh my gosh, so much is going on...

Gunnedah Jumping Festival a really lovely show, as always, despite the very chilly mornings!!.  Sunday morning coursewalk was on crunchy, white grass, with about 1/2" of frost on all the top rails!!  But footing was great, and tracks in the main arena, where I conducted most of my business, were absolutely super thanks to David Sheppard, who is now consolidating himself as one of our premier designers.  His courses are always flowing, and horses come out the other end of the show better than when they started.  Kenny, Kurt and Casino were super, Kenny winning 2 , and 2nd in the Sunday Grand Prix to the awesome Kermo on partner Jamie's Laughton's Legacy.  Kurt was 2nd to Kenny in the Saturday big class, and 5th in the Grand Prix.  Casino stepped back to smaller classes this weekend (his jockey finds it hard to cope with 3 in the big classes nowadays), and won on the first day, and 2nd (again to super Kermo!) in the Sunday class.  Benny was consistently placed on Willy, and jumped some super rounds and placed on Kinnordy Gyllian, a Holger Schmorl bred mare who has super scope and technique.  Jamie Priestley also did Team Roycroft proud with a win on Blackie in one Junior, and 2nd in the Junior Ch'ship on Newie. Issie and Pam also jumping lovely, consistent clear rounds to place a few times.  Thanks to the Gunnedah Committe for bringing us another high class show.  We need one or two of these every month.

Funny thing happened to us around this time. I got a phone call from a guy in Malaysia looking for horses.  Cool.  We have plenty for sale!  Anyway, after toing and froing with phone calls (from him) and emails, finally put together 4 horses for an agreed price.  All good, but because of the odd nature of some of the requests (wanted to buy Casino for $2,200, didn't realize that was his Service Fee!), I was starting to suspect a scam, and did actually check with the bank that it was okay to give him bank details to receive money.  Fine, they said, but no logins, passwords or credit card details.  Passed bank details on, and, sigh... he came back wanting logins and passwords!!  Rats!   That was the end of that... have heard of horse sale 'scams' happening in the UK, but never heard of it here yet, and was a bit taken in by the fact that the guy contacted me initially by phone, and with an undisguised number...

Also had another eye scare.  My poor one remaining hard working eye seemed to have black, curly lines, like hairs, in front of it, especially on light coloured surfaces.  Tried to ignore it, hoping they would go away (this was all about Gunnedah time), and it wasn't like the flashes I was getting prior to the melanoma being diagnosed, but after a week or 10 days, thought I better see a doctor.  So went to the Eye Specialist, who said, no, it is a product of increasing age (rats again!!), and is something to do with the jelly stuff in our eyes, but most people have two eyes, so it is not so noticeable when it occurs in one eye, but when one only has one, it's hard to ignore.  But as he predicted, the condition has settled down and gone away for the time being.  Not enjoying my body giving me a hard time now.

On the OS front, how wonderful to see super nice guy, and legendary rider (also sponsored by Mitavite!!) Michael Whitaker win the unofficial annual World Ch'ship, the Aachen Grand Prix, over a monstrous track on Amai.  So why was he left out of the Pommy team for London???  Also great to see ex Chugg horse, and London bound for the Ukranians, Vivant finish 11th, and he and his excellent jockey Katerina Offel were also 5th in one of the othe big classes.  And Casino is also again quietly proud of his dad Casall La Silla making the Swedish Olympic Team...

SJC Winter Ch'ships next (weather permitting), then up to Queensland for 3 weeks and some sun to do Gatton Show, Toowoomba State Ch'ships and Gatton World Cup.  Benny also off to France for his big European adventure at Edouard Couperie's stable in Barbizon..

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