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News from Vicki

28 May 2010

Now back to the real world, and great to see that Benny has taken such good care of everything in my absence.  It was great to be in Europe again, and catch up with so many people.  Being back in Barbizon in France also really lovely, I do so adore the baguettes!!  Eric Negre and Edouard Couperie also in great form. Edouard, amongst other stuff, is now coaching an American girl who has bought half the Olympic Bronze Medal winning jumpers from the Norwegian team in Hong Kong, so she now being the proud owner of both Cattani and Le Beau.

Called into Bethune CSI to see Edouard, who was competing there, and also caught up with James Paterson-Robinson, who, along with Edwina, has been doing a great job flying the flag for Australia for many years now.  He is now in a great set up that I visited later that day in Holland, and has some super horses to ride of his girlfriend, Aniek's father at Stal Poels.  He impressed me a lot now with his maturity, and he is looking very lean and fit.  It's always a worry when we go to Europe not to succumb to much to the local cuisine, i.e. French baguettes!  Just hope Chugg is not making Vivant carry too much... having said that, Chuggy and Vivant had another great result when they were 5th in the Grand Prix at Wiesbaden, fastest jump off time with one rail, rats!!  Edwina 13th with third string horse Zorro, plus she won the Young Horse Final class with Kisby. On the down side it seems that the rumours of Ashleigh Drossel Dan's sale are true.  Shame for Phil and Australia, but he had the horse just jumping too well at Lummen, and the offers have been flowing ever since.

Then up to Stal Tops where I sat on a couple of nice ones there, and Edwina and I spent a morning doing what all horsy girls like to do, shopping in a saddlery!  Edwina also now sporting a giant diamond that Jan had set into a ring for her, nuptials now sometime in the next 12 months, busy show schedule allowing!  So the decision is made to buy two of the horses I saw, one 7 year old, and one 12 year old, subject to vetting.  Will give further details once vetting completed!  Oh dear, and only one was in the plan, but managed to buy two for just over the budget I had for one, but got to get them home as well!!  So added some new ones to For Sale page, check it out....

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