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News from Vicki

25 January 2010

Well, George Morris has been and gone, and what an impression he has left this time.  I have had countless emails from students and spectators about how much value and knowledge thay got from this man who is now classified world wide as a living legend.  For some of the 'first timers' like Wendy Schaeffer and Megan Jones, it was a real eye opener.  Wendy's mum Di confided to me after the first day that Wendy had been grumbling a bit before the Clinic that it seemed to be a lot of money to pay for a shared lesson with so many other people, but came out of her lesson absolutely raving about what a fantastc lesson it was, and how much she had learned!  So much so that she went on to Dapto Show two days later on the way home and won the Grand Prix worth $1,500 to the winner.  Megan was great; she came up without a horse, so rode my sweet little Puma, who loved Megan giving him such a great ride, and although only in the 3rd group felt she gained an enormous amount, and also from being a spectator for the other two groups.

Lee and Puzzle were stars in their group, so Lee came out feeling 10 feet tall after many compliments and plenty of constructive criticism, so glad to see George targetting her hands, as I do!  It is wonderful to see and experience his method of teaching that  so eloquently targets the main issues with impeccable logic and just enough stern discipline.  I keep telling him that he has mellowed over the years, but he maintains that he hasn't. So now I like to think that we are better prepared in his 'cornerstone' issues of horsemanship, preparation and attention to detail, thus it is a better environment for him to teach.  I was proud that all my other kids, Nikki, Sara, Karlie, Carrie, Tarryn and Sophie (still nursing injured ribs incurred on 2nd day of Tempo) were there justabout everyday to watch and learn and help out as ring crew.

So it looks like it will be an annual thing now, while George is still fit and well.  He was extroadinary in that at all Clinics he was able to get on a variety of horses, and pretty much improve all of them in a very short time.  So mark it in your calenders now for next year, and for those who wish to ride will need to get onto me about November to secure a spot.  The demand this year was such that I could have filled a third Clinic this time.

George Morris, Vicki and visitors
George, VR and young fans who had travelled from Queensland in a group organized by Lyn Coombe to watch the first Clinic.

Ash being a star with Vicki
Ash being a star (and VR getting her automatic release correctly, but my right heel and gripping knee still needs attention. I'll never learn.....)

Megan and Puma
Megan and Puma being stars..

Cougar being a bit of a star..

Lee and Puzzle
Lee and Puzzle being stars....
Clifford watches the proceedings...


So now back to the real world!

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