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News from Vicki

24 May 2010

Thank God the weather has improved... still a bit chilly when I was in Warendorf, but not the welcome, and it was great to spend a few days with Hans and Debby, and also to see Andrew and Bettina Hoy, and give Andrew a bit of help with one of his lovely young horses.  Also saw a super nice 7 year old there by French stallion Carnute, who went straight onto my 'short list'!  Lovely to sit on, super careful, nice attitude and nice jump.

Then onto Belgium, and stayed with Robert Hines and his partner Fiona, who have decided that after 15 years in Europe, are going to come back to Australia and start a business at his parents' farm in Victoria.  He will be a real assett in that part of the world, but there is a lot to be moved, including their cat!  Also saw a bit of Paul Athanasoff, who has Maree Hewitt there now helping him out. Maree felt it prudent to leave Thailand where she has been based for sometime, as a civil war seems to be looming.  She has been a big contributor in Paul's improvement between Lummen and Linz, and he seems well on track. Saw some lovely horses there also at Bert Prouve's yard, where Paul is now based. 

Now down in France into the beautiful country and weather in Barbizon.  Also tried some lovely horses, with another one for my 'short list'! Tomorrow a brief visit to Bethune CSI to see Edouard Couperie, then onto Stal Tops to see Edwina, and to see any horses that are within my meagre budget, which Edwina insists there are! We'll see.  Then back on a plane Tuesday evening, and back to the real world!!

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