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News from Vicki

22 June 2010

Been a busy few weeks, but now the proud owner of two new ponies.  Kartoon de Breve is a 12 year old by Quidam de Revel that my long time friend Edouard Couperie campaigned at Grand Prix level until he was sold to a junior in Spain, but then was sent back to Edouard basically a nervous wreck.  Another friend, Olivier Bossard, has been doing initial repair work by taking him quietly around 1.10 and 1.20 classes for the last couple of months.  When I contacted Edouard and Eric Negre, who have been responsible for helping me find such horses as Errol, Ricardo, Visage and Irish, Edouard said he was pretty sure this one would suit, as my budget was very limited, and for sure he is not as difficult as Irish was..  so he will be a 'project' for a while, as were Ricci and Irish, but hopefully he can give me as much fun as those two did.  The other guy is one that Eddie Macken's son Stevie found for me literally 5 minutes down the road from where I had been staying with Hans and Debby Winkler.  Carus is a 7 year old by Carnute, and I loved him from the moment I sat on him.  A tall, leggy, bay horse with lots of white he is lovely to sit on, and felt to have a scopey enough, careful jump.  Both horses passed their vet checks, and will go into quarantine on the 5th July, and fly out to Australia on the 29th, along with Robynne McTaggert's exciting young stallion, Casino Royale, whose sire Casall La Silla just won the 5* Grand Prix at Rotterdam with Rolf-Goran Bengstton.  So another fantastically well bred stallion, who is also a stunning type, heading our way.

On the home front we've had a couple of good competitions.  We took a bunch to Northside Jumping Sunday before last, and it was a lovely day.  David Lawrence, full of burning enthusiasm after the Werner Deeg Clinic built lovely flowing tracks all day, and despite the ground being a little slipperary after the recent rain, they rode beautifully.  Lee and Puzzle were 2nd in the 1.05, and 4th in 1.15, both of which were won by Sam Tripp on her super little chestnut Banjo, with Ash and Levi being 2nd and 3rd in 1.15.  Sara and her two, Chucky and Shrek were great, with Chucky being 3rd in the 1.05, and Nikki and Monty also with good clear rounds, but not quite as agile on the ground as his thoroughbred mates!

Sara and Shrek
Sara looking where she is going next, and Shrek looking where he is going! Thanks to Rachel Smith of Furdography for great pics.

Vicki and Nikki
Nikki des Hayettes, my next Errol superstar, at Northside. 
Thanks Rach of Furdography for the great shots!

Last Sunday we headed to Sydney Jump Club, where Mark Atkins, also inspired by Werner, built lovely, forward riding tracks, which for sure suited my horses!  Levi won the 1.30 class, with Ben and Ryles in 2nd, and Levi again 2nd in 1.20 to Aaron Hadlow and his comeback queen Stepsister.  Willy Welsom also jumped great to be 3rd in 1.20, and 5th in 1.30.  Sara and Nikki backed up again, and Nikki's Monty was able to keep on his large paws a bit better to win the 95 cm class, with Sara and Chucky 3rd.

Gunnedah next.  Heater is packed, but I guess it will prepare me for teaching in Victoria the following week!


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