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News from Vicki

20 July 2010

Had a lovely, if not very long, day at Sydney Jump Club on Sunday.  These guys can now claim to have the best Jump Club, certainly in this state, if not the country.  The footing was great in all rings, the new jumps looked very smart, and caused the expected amount of havoc(!), and the new white plastic arena fencing gave the whole area quite an international feel.  Four rings catered for lord knows how many horses, but there was action in all rings pretty much from 8 a.m. on a very foggy morning til just on dark at 5.30.  Which creates the problem of how do we get through all these numbers, as our sport keeps growing in popularity.  For sure it must now be promoted that the next horse in the draw must also be in the ring with the competing horse, so he/she can pretty much start as soon as the previous rider is finished, as that is where there is so much 'dead time'.  Plus if we want to promote our sport as a spectacle, there does need to be constant action.  This does put a strain on our judges, marshalls and ring crew, but with better communication, e.g. walkie talkies, things should be able to process more quickly.  And I wonder if the German system of having draws start at a  random letter of the alphabet might help the constant problem of getting those early ones in the ring, i.e. if the draw starts with the letter 'R', and my surname is Roycroft, I know for sure I am in the first 10 with one of my horses!  In Germany this letter is printed in the entry schedule, so one has plenty of time to organize to be early if you have to!  Gotta be worth a try, and it is actually quite a fair way to do a draw, with the alphabet being rotated. Anyone with ideas, please contact your State Jumping Committee, or me direct, as at National we do welcome ways to try and improve the sport at every level.  Thank goodness Tamworth also had a show on this weekend, or a lot of riders would have missed out.

Excellent courses were designed in all rings by Victorian import David Sheppard in the main ring, and Mark Atkins, Sue Bettington and Bob Brook(?) in the other three.  Out guys were great.  Levi continues his great form with a win in the 1.20 (and a rug!) class out of 16 in the jump off; his rideability, especially for smooth jump offs, improves all the time.  Willy Welsom and Eliza Jane were models of consistency with 4 clear rounds apiece, Willy being 5th in the 1.20, and 3rd in the 1.30, and Janey was 2nd in both the 1.30, to George Johnson on Wondaree Sprite, and the 1.40 to Andrew Inglis and Amira.  Nikki DH also jumped all clear rounds in her 5 year old class and the 1.15.  Benny had an average day at the office, with one pull too many in the 1.20 jump off meaning he has to bake a cake!  Then first fence down in the 1.30... bummer.  His other horse Brad (Sir Joindre) jumped super rounds in the 1.05 and 1.15, and is starting to look very flashy.  Nicky and Monty had their acts together to run 3rd in the Junior 90cm, and Izzy and Faust just the odd careless rail.  James Arkins had a 3rd in Junior 1.20, and also some improving rounds on Sonata.

Jade Middleton on LUKA, yet another of Errol's children out doing good things...

Now off to Toowoomba on Thursday...

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