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News from Vicki

11 November 2010

Big news is that after 3 heartbreaking years of slipped foals, Cracklin Rosie, the dam of Eliza Jane, Strawberry Girl and Southern Son, finally gave birth to a beautiful bay filly by my now deceased Errol, so I am a very happy old grandma.  When I went to have a look about 6.15 a.m., foal was already up and running and doing all the normal foal happy things.  I'll be in a walking frame by the time she is ready to ride, but it will be fun to watch her grow...

The New Foal!

Canberra Nationals again a brilliant show, only marred by the lack of money paid down the line for the enormous entries, and the ground on the first couple of days, which was a bit skatey.  But organization first class, jumping gear, especially in the main ring, looked fantastic.  Great courses were designed by Peter Cooke, Brad Longhurst, Bobby Prichard and I don't know about the 4th ring, but didn't hear complaints.  Our ponies were confined to Rings 1 and 2 so definitely delighted with the efforts of Messrs Cooke and Longhurst.  All horses and riders progressed on well from States last week.  Kartoon felt more and more confident every start over the bigger tracks, with only dumb mistakes being made by his jockey. He ended up 8th overall in the Nat Ch'ship to George Sanna on Aprilla, who narrowly defeated Anthony Thomas on his new ride, the former Billy Raymont horse Levitation. 

Janey was her usual genuine self with a good 2nd in the tough Mini Prix to Andrew Inglis on another good mare, Amira.  Kurt impressed all with his flashy looks and scopey jump, but Casino was the real star.  Each day was progressively more difficult, and I kept worrying that because he is such a careful horse I would need to back off him size wise, but each day he came out and wanted to try and jump that bit more, culminating in a great 2nd place in Sunday's Futurity Final to Sharon Slater on another import CP Ulixes, which ended up with fences around the 1.40 mark.  Not bad for a green, spooky 6 year old.  Especially heartening was that in the first round there was a treble near the end of the course of oxer,oxer, vertical which stopped a lot, and off a shortish turn, so we couldn't get a run up to it! Casino jumped the first oxer beautifully, and seeing there was a back rail on the second oxer, absolutely zoned in and easily got accross it where a lot of horses in his situation would have given up.  So proud of him..

Casino Royale and Vicki

Benny had a good show, Ryles being 2nd in the C Ch'ship to Brook Dobbin on another Errol superstar, Premier Dollars, and Top 10 in Nat Young Riders to the unstoppable Tom McDermott.  These tracks finished up around the 1.40 mark, so delighted that Benny and Willy also coped and went really well.  Ryles full brother Brad (Sir Joindre) also got a 3rd in one of the 130 plus D Grades, and new recruit Optional, owned by Kessha McKnight jumped some lovely rounds at 1.20 and 1.30 for both Ben and me.

James and Todd had the distinction of being the only rider other than Tom McDermott to win at Junior/Young Rider level (and there were a lot of classes!!) when he won the Nat. first round Table C class.  Unfirtunately Todd stood on himself, and was quite tender for the rest of the show, but contributed well to the NSW Team for the 2nd round, but was a bit too sore and retired out of the final Grand Prix.  The McKillop clan turned up for Sat and Sun, and super pony Cy zoomed around to be 3rd in the again 130+ D Grade Ch'ship, so made the trip worthwhile.

Wodonga and Sale next on the agenda, hopefully with the new truck!

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