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News from Vicki

11 January 2010

Herewith the students for George Morris' two clinics starting this Friday.  As you can see, a pretty illustrious bunch!!  The response has been so good, I can't even get a spot, and I have a waiting list of about half a dozen riders, including me!!!  Wayne has been carefully manicuring his field, and at this time it is in tip top condition, but a little more rain would be lovely to keep it so beautifully green...

Year started well with a good Jump Club outing last Sunday.  Puma was great for my latest working pupil, Lisa Sammertino from Canada, who is doing a great job.  Sara Ryan has a new toy in Pacific Wave (Chucky), previously ridden by Jack Maunder, and  he was  doing a super job giving Sara more experience to start to jump some bigger tracks.  Nikki was back on track with her large, young child Monty, and Lee and Puzzle were getting themselves ready for the George Clinic.  Her riding is fine, but getting her tidied up for George is definitely a challenge... Carrie and Tarryn were good with a bit of practise on Sam and favourite.  New recruit Cassie Looveer, who had been having some confidence issues with her super little horse JFK, are getting onto the right track now, and the little guy is looking happier.

Look forward to seeing all of you at the Clinics.  Remember, spectators welcome at $30 for the day.  Bring a folding chair and sunscreen!  Or if you are there for the first group, you should score the shade of the trees!

CLINIC  1. 15th to 17th Jan. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
GROUP 1.  8.30 til 10.30
Chris Chugg
Amanda Madigan
Andrew Inglis
Jenny Sheppard
Julia Hargreaves
Jono Berry

GROUP 2. 10.30 til 12.30
Stephen Dingwall
Sam Fasher
Chris Chugg
Nick Sheehan
Jess Mitchell
Emma Mason

GROUP 3. 2 til 4 p.m., or 3 til 5, depending on weather...
Megan Jones
Samantha Wynn
Jess Brown
Alyssa Mathers
Sophia Murphy
Lee Warneke

CLINIC 2. 19th to 21st Jan. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Chris Chugg
Amanda Madigan
Wendy Schaeffer
Danni Butcher
Coco Miles
Nick Sheehan

Colleen Brook
Shane Rose
Blair Richardson
Shannon O'Meara
Greer Butcher
Ben Blay

Jade Findlay
Jess Mitchell
Harry Owens
Liz Koob
Jess Conran
Samantha Tripp

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