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News from Vicki

8 September 2010

Now commencing the third week with the 'new toys' and it has been fun, if somewhat stressful, so far.  Previously I have only had to worry about one horse out of quarantine, but having three has tripled the anxiety!  But they have been relatively problem free.  The biggest issue initially is for these guys to adjust to a 'normal' horse life of spending most, if not all, of their day as nature intended, that is, in a field of grass, which doesn't often happen to a horse from Europe.  I have vivid memories of putting Mikee Cojuangco's new mare from Belgium, Bella, in our 60 by 30 metre lungeing yard (with 1.50 fences) as an introduction to outdoors, and she just spun around and jumped out, and then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours jumping from paddock to paddock before we could catch her, fortunately unscathed from her adventure!

So it had been with enormous trepidation that we first introduced Copabella Visage to a field, because he had alraedy jumped out of one of the smallish yards in quarantine, over a 1.60 fence!  So I spent sometime leading him around his paddock after working him, then finally let him go, headcollar still on, and with about 6 people standing in different parts of the paddock ready to catch him if he raised a trot.  And bless him, beautiful natured stallion that he is, he just gazed at all of us, then put his head down and ate grass...  The new stallion, Robynne McTaggert's Casino Royale has a similar nature, and is very cruisy for a stallion that has done live covering.  He also just wanted to eat grass, with the odd trot around to explore.

The other two boys Kurt, the 7 year old, and Kartoon, the 12 year old, were joined at the hip having been together through all these adventures for the last 2 months, so weaning them from each other has been a bit of an issue, with Kartoon being more clingy to his mate!  But they are gradually settling into their routine, and 2 nights ago had their first nights out of the stable, so they have a big yard each at night, and a few hours each in the paddock in the day, as both look well enough that they don't need excess grass.

All three now are gradually progressing from fittening work to more flatwork and a little jumping, and all are feeling as nice as I remember them.  All had their first jump in the field yesterday, and Casino is spooky and careful, like Willy, but nowhere near as spooky, Kartoon nearly jumped me off over not a very big oxer, but otherwise is way less complicated than Irish had been when I first got him, and Kurt was jumping very big and green for a 7 year old, and while I am loving his very careful attitude, I think he may need a little time.  First outing will I hope be this weekend at one of our Jump clubs, weather permitting..

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