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News from Vicki

6 April 2010

Show continues to go well.  Willy Welsom has been an absolute star in his two subsequent starts, both jump off classes.  A safe clear  jump off in the first Table A saw him finish 4th to Andrew Inglis and Amira, with David Cooper on the good th'bred mare Margaret River 2nd, and Kermo on Colthaga 3rd.  Then in the next jump off class, I had a bit of a cut in the jump off, and he jumped super to just get done by Ian Hamilton on Corrigedor, with Hillary Scott on Oaks Miss Scarlett 3rd, and Amanda Madigan on Oaks Aaltes 4th.  So, so far he has exceeded all my expectations for his first Royal, and still being a green, not yet 7 year old! Normally he is quite spooky, but has so far taken in all the show ring atmosphere like a veteran.  Cougar has been not quite ready for his step up, with Part 2 being quite a high quality field, so it's been a bit of a hike from Part 3, but I think he will come out the other end a better horse.  Jamie Grant dominated the Table C class, being 1st and 2nd on The Player and Cool K, and Wendy Schaeffer won the second jump off class with a scorching round on Koyuna Sun Dancer.  Wendy also today won the EFA Cup on Sunset.  Yesterday's Part 1 Table C was won by Grant Hughes on Yakkity Yak, who was 2nd to Wendy today.

Juniors and Young Riders have been strong, with Tom Mc Dermott dominating both sections recording two wins in each on Statford Delight (Juniors) and CP Rolex (Young Riders).  Sophie and Ben have been having a few too many rails down, Sophie because she is a bit ring rusty, having only done one show (and only one day of it!) since Iss Tempo before Christmas, and Ben has just been downright unlucky!  A rail down the first day, then was looking to produce a scorcher of a round in the Table C, having executed a perfect angled turn to the vertical at number 3, only to slip turning up to a double, which lost Ryles' concentration, who then climbed over the first vertical, but got tangled in the second part, and fell over!  Horse and rider no worse for wear, but it sucked that there was a heavy downpour as we walked the course, so no time to go and put front studs in as he was second rider out...  two rails today, as Ryles also is not too fond of the harness horses that might leap at him.  At least he redeemed himself with an equal 3rd placing in the Six Bar (no harness horses there).

I also had fun judging the jumping section of the Young and Open Event Horse classes.  Interesting sometimes being on the other end of things!  Wendy Schaeffer kept on with her good show by winning the Young Horse Section on the leggy th'bred mare Sun Showers, from Bonnie Martin on the imported warmblood Dyranta.  Chris Burton won the Open Section on a lovely style of horse whose name escapes me, but he was the unanimous choice of the three judges, me, Merv and Anne Bennett, from Brett Davey, who was the only rider to really gallop the supposed cross country fence we manufactured!

Soph and Ben have one more chance to redeem themselves, Cougar has two!  Hopefully Willy can keep supporting the team in his last class, and if he holds his form should get a start in the Mini Prix, but I don't want to push the little chap too hard.  We have a bunch of nice shows coming up now, with a two day show at Sydney Polo Club at Richmond this weekend organized by Kerrie Winning, and the Copabella Classic the following weekend.

Also Roycroft Stables needs another groom for these upcoming shows and beyond, if anyone out there with a bit of experience needs work with horses.  Give me a call or an email!

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