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News from Vicki

5 December 2010

Been quite a busy few weeks.  Wodonga was next on the calender, and what a good job this Committee does.  Good to see a bit of youth in administartion ranks, with Todd Hinde taking on the President's job of that committee.  Kelly Lees, daughter of previous President Roger, still goes about her Secretarial duties with a minimum of fuss, and still manages to be competitive in classes.  Talk about multi tasking... Tracks as always, were designed by Leeson Sirrett indoors, and Bobby Prichard outdoors.  Leeson had a bit of a messy start, but culminated in a great World Cup track for the field that was there, and in front of a full house Becky Allen and her super Ferro mare, RSB Jacana finished in top spot. Bobby, as always built challenging tracks outside, and while the ground had been top dressed with sand, still rode a bit firm, especially by last day. George Sanna won the Betty McVean on Aprilla, while Russel Johnstone completed a double for the older generation by winning the traditionally tough C and D Ch'ship. 

 Our guys great, Kenny just feels better and better, and in my first indoor ride on him, skipped around to win the 1.35 class on the first day, making me think that the World Cup was in our sights!  He followed that up with 2nd in the Betty McVean, jumping awesome over quite a substantial track in the jump off, then came the World Cup.  Well he warmed up well enough, and came into the ring, and calmy regarded all the spectators as being there specifically to see him!  He absolutely exploded over the first fence, and I'm cantering down to the second feeling like I was on a winner here, sailed over that, then we are turning left to jump the third fence, a vertical about 1.45, and I start to think "who has loosened my girth?!".  We jump 3 with a fair lean to the right, so I felt I had to pull up to see what is wrong.  Pulled the flap up to quickly check the girth, and......   no girth!  Girth points had completely pulled away, and girth is down around Kennys' knees.  Such a sweet horse, he just stood there, Irish I think, would have been in the stands by now!  And then seemed extremely puzzled when I hopped off him, and led him out of the ring!  Then to add insult to injury we were swabbed...!!  Kurt was a good boy also and ended up 6th in the Mini Prix to Amanda Madigan and Oaks Aaltes.  Casino didn't make the trip as he was a bit tender on his near fore after pulling that shoe off 4 times in Canberra.  Nikki jumped great rounds in the D Grades, and Optional was great, finishing with a good 4 fault round in the Mini Prix.  Benny had good rounds on his boys, as did Nakita with her two, placing on Maybe, no mean feat with the enormous fields.

Back to Mount White, and the plan was to pick up the new truck, and head back down to Sale.  Got the truck, spent a fair bit of time repacking stuff from Scania to Hino, gosh it was like moving house!  Then on Wednesday afternoon, rode Jane, and as I was getting on, my back spasmed for some unknown reason (can't be old age...), and I kept riding, and did Kenny after her, but not too comfortable, so said to Benny and Amanda that I would see how I felt on Thursday morning.  Back was still not too good, so we pulled the plug on Sale.  Many hot compresses, and a visit to the doctor on Friday, saw me have a couple of rides on Saturday, so then we headed off to SIEC for the NSW Equitation Ch'ships with Kurt, Willy and Nicky Ferendinos and Monty.  Another well organized show with hundreds of participants on the grass arena.  Kurt turned into an equitation star, and we won the Open Title from Aaron Hadlow and Jess Brown.  Ben and Willy were 2nd in the Young Rider section to Danni Butcher on Quantum.  Nicky and Monty had a clear in one class, then 2 down in another, and then Monty was swabbed!!  So a pretty good day, and a great debut for the new, very blue truck...

Kurt and Vicki

The very flashy Kurt at the Equitation Ch'ships.  I'm sure the judges were looking and judging him more than me!  He felt so lovely to ride.

This weekend has been the SJC End of Year Ch'ships.  A lot of rain saw the event in doubt, but the hard working committee decided to press on.  The rings weren't great, and the warm ups were much the worst, but jumping was pretty good.  David Sheppard did great tracks in the main ring, with Sue Bettington and Brad Longhurst doing the other two, with the venerable Bob Brook coping out the in Ring 4.  Andrew Inglis won the main class on Saturday, from Kenny, who was unfazed by the sticky ground.  James Mooney won the 1.30 class on scopey import Yirkala Cortina, and Aaron Hadlow the 1.20 on super little mare, Step Sister.  Benny was placed in 1.20 on Willy, and both Ryles and Brad were great for him, as was Nikki. Lee and Puzzle won the 1.05 with a sizzling jump off, and Nicky and Monty jumped good rounds and  Nakita and Maybe just had an unlucky rail in the 1.30.  Sophie had her first rides since Easter to pop Jane around some small classes, and both looked great.  Casino sailed around the 1.20 double clear, and then later the same in the 1.15. 

Casino Royale and Vicki

Casino Royale and Vicki

The bad footing in the warm up scared Kurt a bit, and he was overjumping way too much in the ring, so I had already decided he wasn't coming back on Sunday.  Then we got rain just as we were loading, so that decided the issue of whether we were coming back... seemed silly to risk injuring horses in the uncertain footing with SIEC next week.

So we may go into Leopoldos' tracks a bit underdone, but i think we'll cope... I hope!


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