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News from Vicki

9 February 2009

Well what a ghastly couple of weeks this has been with the heat. And we haven't copped it anywhere near as bad as the poor Victorians and South Aussies. Haven't heard of any horse disasters in the Vic bushfires, just pray that all animals are safe. Of course the loss of human life takes priority, but it breaks my heart to think of the suffering of the animals.

Morisset Show was quite hot, but all the troops went well, as can be seen from the photos kindly supplied by Toni Warneke (Lee's mum) that I included in my previous update. Then on Monday we had the spreading of our new Soiltex arena, which was quite a marathon in the heat, but by Tuesday lunchtime, after it had all been rotary hoed in, we have a magnificent new arena. I have seen, and been impressed by, many similar arenas in Europe, and always thought I would like to have one, as good footing is one of the most important priorities for our sport horses. But it was only when I visited Heath and Rozzie Ryan's new property to look at a horse for a client that I was really impressed by this stuff, so decided that the time had come. Just wish we had picked a cooler day to put it in!

Nowra Show last weekend was, as always, very competitor friendly, thanks to the Bennett family that virtually run the show, and great facilities all close and handy. Friday not too hot, and we had a good day, with Willy Welsom recording his first D Grade win in a 17 horse jump off (luckily Lee and Puzzle weren't there, although Puzz is getting very close to C Grade!). Jesse Whybro was chuffed to win the Junior Equitation, showing good improvement from the previous weekend, and being rewarded for all his hard work on the arena last Monday! Saturday was ghastly with the heat, I had a blonde moment in the D Grade (jumped the wrong fence..), and Cougar was not a happy camper in the heat. No fun being a big warmblood at this time of year. Sophie and her two had a 4 fault day, and was all done by 10 a.m., blessing in disguise really. We were very happy to head home about 2.30, and be home by 6, where mercifully, Mount White seemed to be about 10 degrees cooler than Nowra. It was amazing how the temperature did seem to drop once we turned off the M2 onto Pennant Hills Rd.

This week teaching in Queensland til Thursday, then Jump Club Sunday, and Maitland Show the following weekend....

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