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8 December 2009

Gosh, another year nearly done, and what strange weather we are having now.  Poor horses, cold and wet one day, and blazing hot the next, they really are marvellous animals.  Plenty of interest in the upcoming George Morris Clinics, with both getting close to being filled, so anyone who is yet to pay a deposit needs to get onto me fairly quickly.  No problem for spectators though, and George LOVES an audience, takes him back to his theatrical days. Did you know that he was an actor in a previous life?  In the classic Albert Hitchcock horror flick "Pyscho", George was the gas station attendant...!!  Anyway, I digress, spectators are very welcome at $30 per day, bring your own folding chair.

Sydney Jumping Club ran their annual end of year Ch'ship last weekend, and fortunately it wasn't too stinking hot on either day. This club just keeps getting better and better, the ground was the best ever, even in the warm ups, and the rails had had new coats of paint, and that, coupled with some new fences gave it all a real international feel.  David Sheppard designed super tracks in the main ring, as did Brad Longhurst and Mark Atkins in the other 2 arenas.

My boys were all great, Cougar being 4th in the Mini Prix to Andrew Inglis and Amira, and 3rd in a 1.20.  Willy flicked off a rail here and there, even though he's the most careful horse on the planet! I just give him too much of an override sometimes,  but he's starting to get the picture.  Ash came back from his spell with double clear rounds in all his 4 classes and two second placings, and Puma continued to be a star in the 1.05 and 1.15 classes, with one rail down in 8 rounds, and a couple of top 10 placings.  Many thanks to the club for providing more placings down the line when they have such enormous numbers.

Kids went well, Nicci and Monty starting to get their gas and brakes synchronized.  Sara had her last ride on Mich, as he is now sold to a lovely family from South Australia, and both girls got a top 10 placing on the Saturday.  Carrie and Tarryn came on the Sunday, and their horses jumped great, having not been out for a while.  Sophie had a great weekend on her two, with top 5 placings on both, and hardly putting a foot wrong until the last class on Sunday, when she and Jane had a few hiccups that happen to all of us at different points in this sport.  But the low points make the high points even better.  I know this well, because I've experienced lots at both ends of the scale!

ISS Tempo Show this weekend at SIEC, then a bit of a break...

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