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News from Vicki

4 November 2009

Some photos from Krissy and Heath Harris'  Newcomers Show last weekend:

"Cougar starred in 1.30 class on the Sunday"
Vicki and Cougar over the arched wall

"Puma was also a legend in his first ever D Grades on Sat and Sun, being double clear and just out of a place in the Sunday class"
Vicki and Puma

Report to follow...

...continued 5 November 2009

Krissy and Heath Harris annually host a lovely show at their property, which is conveniently just 5 minutes up the road from us.  I would ride the horses there, but then there would be nowhere to tie them up!  So the truck goes up, complete with Clifford, who is ecstatic whenever the truck goes anywhere, and was only mildly disappointed when we stopped after 5 minutes!  But dutifully took up his guard dog duties, along with dacshund Mia, while the competition was on.  The show is mainly aimed at Newcomer riders, and hosts the NSW Newcomer Ch'ship, which is always a good event.  This year it was won in a close finish by Nic Carraro and Columbo.

Harriet Gruen came up to have lessons, and ride her boy Freewheeler, who had been here on schooling.  He jumped great for her on the Sunday after lessons Friday and Saturday to place 5th in the Newcomers Grand Prix.  Puma had his first D Grade starts, and was double clear on the Sunday, so is growing up fast.  Strutts was the 90 cm star, winning on the Saturday, and 2nd on the Sunday.  Cougar jumped well on the Sunday to win the 1.30 class from Johnny Cooper, who won 2 classes over the weekend, and Jess Brown 3rd on her stallion, Higgins.

We have a new resident here at Roycroft Stables in the form of a diamond python.  He had taken up residence at neighbours Rob and Trish Moore's, but they already had one, so he was relocated here into our big shed, much to the trepidation of our Europeans, Romain and Janina, who don't see many snakes in France and Germany! However he (she?) has made himself quite at home here, and is normally curled up on one of the stable shelves, after a nice diet of mice...

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