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27 May 2008

So the weekend was really good for my little team, which got a bit smaller, as QUEENSLAND got sold.  But the show was a perfect start for the other two, not too far from home, at a place called Meldorf about an hour away.  We took the girls each day, with my host Tjeert accompanying me on the first day, then his wife Ina the second day.  Ina was a much better help, Tjeert being a typical horse dealer, would wander off and chat to people, or talk on the phone, just when I needed him to help me at a practice fence!  Ina was great, and could tell me exactly how far away I was in the draw seeing as my German is virtually non existent, and certainly a lot worse than my French, which is also pretty lousy..

Both started in an A2 class on Saturday, about 1.30 metres.  ZLOGGI was 3rd out, and jumped a good round with one down.  BLA was near the end, so I just let her flow a bit and did a couple of turn ups, and she ended up 3rd, our first ribbon in Europe, so I was delighted, as was Tjeert, who had bred her.

Next day, another one round and the Grand Prix.  As I was still getting to know ZLOGGI, I popped her around the one round, and another nice round, but one down again.  Then the Grand Prix, a nice track, about 1.45, and excellent footing on a sandy grass arena.  Warm up area also good footing with plenty of room.  ZLOGGI 4th out, and a super round, and just had the third of the vertical, oxer, vertical treble down, so I was really happy with her.  BLA felt good in warm up, and jumped a good clear, although did tap a couple, but they stayed up!  5 into the jump off, and BLA jumped a super round, jumping everything by a foot, so I couldn´t go as quick as I would have liked as she was really powering her fences, so we ended up 4th, which made us all very happy, and I also got the Leading Lady prize, a rather savage looking bit which can join all the rest of my collection of bits that rarely get used, but we all seem to have to own.

So now at least happy that we have had one good show, now we need to see if we can keep it up at the first Selection Trial at Pforzheim this weekend.  BLA is certainly feeling well and fit, maybe a bit too fit as she is towing me all over the place.  Unfortunately since her clipping she looks a bit like a moth eaten rug, as she also has a bit of a skin rash and little boot rubs from the sand arena, but her eye is very bright, and, as usual, she is eating the house down.

Weather still fantastic here, but I am severely missing my puppies, but Ina has the cutest corgi called, oddly, Speedy (cos she isn´t...) .  Also eyeing off a couple of nice 4 year olds to maybe bring home if Tjeert and I can come to an arrangement!

More news next week...



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