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26 June 2008

So now in holiday mode, as Neil has said weather is awful back home, so I should stay and catch up with people that I only see every couple of years.  So set off south and spent a couple of days with Hans and Debby Winkler, which was diverse fun, as we went to a Young Horse show on Friday where Deb rode a couple of 6 year olds, and I was the pole person, then on Saturday, as Hans was in Rotterdam for some big function for previous Grand Prix winners, Deb and I went to a wedding of a friend who was marrying an English guy, so she thought there would be a lot of English speaking people, as my German is non existent!  Was fun, except Deb had to lend me a dress, as all I have is jeans and sneakers!
When I left on Sunday Hans gave me a copy of his book that Deb had translated.  What a remarkable man, 5 Olympic Gold Medals, and 2 World Championship wins amongst other amazing performances that represent success that has yet to be surpassed in our sport. 

So then onto Belgium to see Francois and Claudia Mathy, where I was based for many years.  Tried a few horses there, not that I need anymore, but Francois is always happy for me to ride and jump horses, he knows I'm not going to do much damage!  More to the contrary, as I had forgotten about his habit of just making fences bigger and bigger, then just waiting with an expectant look on his face!

Then down to France to see my beloved apartment that is now being rented by Thierry Pomel, so I stayed one night there, and then came further south to see Robynne McTaggert's stunning house here in the Pyrenees.  A labour of love, Robynne is busily renovating this beautiful 300 year old place to restore it to it's former glory.  The ceilings are about 20 feet high, and the stone walls about 6 feet thick, and as for the views of the mountains...

Then I'll head back to Fontainebleau to try some more horses, and get horse stuff from the apartment to send home, then back to Hamburg, and home, probably via the UK.  The 2 new ponies are now in quarantine and fly out on July 17th, so will be home the beginning of August.

More travel news later...


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