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22 July 2008

I can't believe time is passing so quickly again!  One minute I was in the UK, and now back home for a week, flat chat again with students and horses...  Last few days in the UK were fun.  On the one reasonably nice day (there weren't many of them!) I did some teaching at David and Jacky Green's; I was meant to be on holiday, so I deemed a strict no teaching in bad weather policy.  Well that nearly ruled out every day!  But it is good fun to teach riders of the calibre of UK eventer Rodney Powell, and our ex pat eventer Catherine Burrell.  Then looked at some nice young horses with Rowan Willis, and inspected his group of wallabies in his back yard.  These guys are so acclimatized to the UK that when Rowan got them a nice shelter shed for them to use over the winter, he found the only time they used it was in the summer when it was (very occasionally...) hot!

Got back on Friday, and headed up to Central Coast Jump Club on Sunday.  Another great day there, Rod Brown designed a really good track, and all the young ones jumped well. Below is a photo of Cassie in action. Cassie is for sale, more details here.

Cassie at MMSJC

This last Sunday saw us at the Sydney Jump Club Winter Ch'ships, and again another great roll up of enthusiasts, and good tracks.   Some new fences in the main ring, and the new inground water jump was on display, but not in use yet!  Recently returned from Europe Andrew Inglis won the 1.20, ever improving James Mooney won the 1.30, and Julia Hargreaves the 1.40.  Cassie was double clear in 1.20, and 1 down in 1.30.  Irish having his first outing for a while was fresh and spooky in the 1.40, he was sure all the little piles of sand on the arena were going to leap up and bite him.  Maybe time for a shadow roll on his noseband, something I have been contemplating for a while with him.  Nakita and her mare Elle had small issues which we are addressing, my main issue being that Nakita has to stop treating her like a priveleged princess, cos she's just behaving like a spoilt princess!   Nice to see students going well on horses that I've brought them together with;  Lee and Puzzle, Donna on Mack (by Wirragulla Hamlet), Tarryn on Mich and Karine and Spider.  Also good to see Jess Stalling back in the country after her Belgian sojourn, with her immaculately turned out horses Dustin and Justin.

Also good to see some of the Errol children making their presence felt, Johnny Cooper has a cute one.  Peter Cooke keeps us up with the progress of his two that Alison Rowlands rides; the 5year old has just turned C Grade.  Nike, my first born Errol, also 5, has the most wonderful temprament to work with, and Puma, rising 4, looks sensational jumping on the lunge.  I also see in Europe that Errol's amazing maternal half brother, Mozart des Hayettes (by Papillon Rouge) was placed in a 4 * Grand Prix with new rider Eugenie Angot, as the owner had a dispute with Michael Whitaker.  All credit to the horse, as Eugenie is quite a different rider to Michael, being about 46 kilos wringing wet! As Irish is my only Grand Prix horse now, I'm just starting to look at Errol again, as his career was a bit cut short by having Visage on the truck, as 2 stallions, no matter how quiet both of them are (and both these guys were exceptionall quiet) is just a bit of a pain in the neck.  But I think it may be a bit tough on him, as he is 14 or 15 now!

Welsom and Cartuso, the 2 European youngsters, have arrived in Australia, and are in quarantine in Melbourne.  They will be home here in 3 weeks, so will need to clear the decks a bit, so when I have a minute, will decide who has to go in For Sale site, as we are starting to get a few too many around us..

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