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20 June 2008

Sorry to be so late with an update.  Losing a lot of the Pforzheim news was a bummer.  And news from Aach not so great for me and Bla, but we live to fight another day...

But first the show.  Not quite the standard of Pforzheim in that not the super German riders that we had there, but the one rider who has always impressed me who was there was the ex Kiwi, Samantha McIntosh, who is just a fabulous jockey.  She appears to do nothing, but the horses are always so focused and in a perfect balance and distance with Sam just also sitting perfectly.  Her double clear in the Grand Prix was a walk in the park, and she was so unlucky to miss winning by a whisker.

Bla decided she was over jumping big tracks, and mowed a few down in the first two classes, so I decided it was not much point to do the Grand Prix.  In hindsight, always a wonderful thing(!), we maybe jumped a little too big in our last session with Gillie, and she just gave up on me a bit at the show.  Not that Gillie was at all at fault, he has been super in his help, but  if done again, we may have done things a little differently.  That's life, and jumping.  Bla is now going to make some babies in Germany before her return to Oz.

My big thanks, firstly to Robynne and Tony, Blas' wonderful owners who have been such a big support to me and show jumping in Australia, and to the EFA whose personnel Stephen, Brett, Huntie and Franz who have made all this trip and Selection procedure happen.  And Wattsy, Gillie and Rod for all their help.  Also my wonderful hosts Tjeert and Ina Ryjkens who have looked after Bla and me so well.  And last but not least, Nakita Barber, who flew accross the world to help us out at the two shows, and always had Bla looking gorgous in the ring.

Great show for our newest Olympians to be, Matt Williams on his super LECONTE, who is seeing his work under super coach Henk Nooren pay off big time.  Matt also now, is hitting the realms of those riders who just make it look so easy.  But not so easy for third team member Peter McMahon and GENOA, whose wild way of going is heart stopping to watch, but she jumped better and better this show, and they both showed great skill to earn their spot.  Chuggie on VIVANT made a great comeback to jump double clear and be 4th in the Grand Prix, after having some bitting problems at Pforzheim, so now it's up to the Selectors to decide between him and the quiet achiever, Laurie Lever and the fabulous DROSSEL DAN, as to who gets 4th spot, and who is Reserve.  I don't envy them that job...

So now travelling a bit.  Also exciting is two new ponies to come home, a 4 year old Westphalian by Charisma, and a 5 year old Dutch bred by Riverman, so new toys to play with!!

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