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20 May 2008

So the first ride was surpisingly civilized, with Bla seeming at last to get the hang of this half halting stuff.  Also the next day really good, such that I was getting suspicious that she maybe sick!  But blood counts stated that all was well, except for a need to re worm, so that is all good.

The two other mares continue to improve.  The chestnut one, called QUEENSLAND (!) is as careful as a cat, very techniquey, but not a lot of scope, and no flying changes, and she`s 8 years old, so to get the changes is a challenge.  The other one, 9 years, ROYAL ZLOGGI something, has a bit of an attitude but jumps quite well.  Tjeert's arena is not very big, so took all 3 mares to Dirk Ahlmann`s place to jump, and all were good, but Dirk was pretty horrified at how feral QUEENSLAND was, but just feels like a thoroughbred to me!

Then yesterday Gilbert Boeckmann came down to give Bla and I a training session at another nearby place, also very fancy, Thomas Mohr's.  I took the other 2 girls as well, and gave them a pop around, as they also do the National show at Meldorf this weekend, and they were good.  Gillie seemed really pleased with Bla, and we jumped some pretty big lines and fences, so we were all happy.  Then took the horses back home, and raced off to hotel to shower and change, and go and have dinner with the family of Wilhelm Dumrath, the boy who spent 4 months with us at Mount White training 2 years ago.  Also there was Bettina Hoy, who originally recommended that Wilhelm come to us, and she was in Hamburg to do physical tests for the Games, and also to record a pop song with the rest of the short listed German riders!  That sounded so funny, Bettina, Ludger, Christian, Isabel and a bunch of others, and I'm sure they can all ride a lot better than they can sing!! So it was great to see Bettina, and find out that all is well with Andrew after Badminton.

Alsö to resolve my dilemna of needing a bigger area so I can practise riding (and keeping Bla sane) at 400 mpm as needed in Grand Prix classes.  I can now ride over to the Holsteiner Verbund, which is 100 metres up the road, and has a huge grass arena that suits our needs perfectly.  So Bla and I head up the street, quite a busy road, and go to the pedestrian lights where I push the button from her back, and we cross the road and over to the Verbund!  It is so good that she is such a sensible girl, I'm not sure that Irish would have been able to cope with all these stressful things.

More news after the weekend..


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