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10 December 2008

Last weekend was very good for all the kids, human and equine.  Lee and Puzzle were the stars of our team with the pair of them being in the top 4 in all her 4 starts, with a win in one of them with a very fancy ride against the clock!  Sophie also consolidated well with her team of 3 very different boys, culminating in a lovely no pressured double clear on Ricci to place 6th in the strong 1.20 Junior class.  Also good to see Clyde (aka Gilmore Rockafella) travelling much more sweetly in the big ring to just tip off the last fence in the 1.20. This class was won by Gemma Creighton, good to see her back after her broken collarbone sidelined her at the Nationals, from another child bred to be a star, Olivia Hamood showing plenty of her mother Paula's talent.  

Willy Welsom was a little hero being 2nd in 2 out of his 3 starts, so earning his first points, and Irish was consistent, knocking down the same fence 2 days in a row, but otherwise feeling good, but not as good as Vivant, who won the Grand Prix in great style.  Budweiser jumped some great rounds, double clear in both the 1.20 and the 1.30 on the first day, then 5th in the Mini Prix with a 0/4 score. This class was won by Queenslander Tim Bowman on the veteran Lewis from the only other jump off clear round, Alyssa Mathers on super cute Fox.  Nakita started out not on the best note with Elle not wanting to play in the 1.30.  In hindsight she should have done the 1.20 first, as courses in this ring always ride 'big' first up, as many have found out, but she improved on the Sunday.  Carrie and Tarryn also went great, with Carrie starting to get a partnership going with new horse Sam (aka Cavalier), and Tarryn and Mitch skipping around their courses having great fun. Congratulations to Sydney Jump Club for again running an excellent weekend's jumping on very good footing, with super tracks from Graeme Watts and David Lawrence.


Also had Daiki Chujo here for a week helping out.  Daiki is from Japan, but spends most of his time in the UK with Andrew and Bettina Hoy, and was out last year for a few weeks helping out, so I was pleased to have him back again this year, and riding a lot better!  He was thrown up on all the young ones, and was particularly fond of Puma, who is definitely going to be a star...


Heading into SIEC on Thursday for the best weekend of the year, we hope!  But it is still a great privilege to ride on the big arena, and especially over Leopoldo Palacious' tracks...

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