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9 September 2008

The last couple of weekends have seen wet weather; nice rain, and the property will look like a jungle once the heat kicks in, but not condusive to competitions!  So we are all looking forward to an outing at Central Coast this weekend.

However, Nike has found a great home with Megan McKay, who has become a serial collector of Errols since purchasing her first one not so long ago.  So he will now be having a career as both a jumping and dressage horse, which he should enjoy immensely.  During the week we also had an NSWIS Clinic with Rod Brown out at SIEC, and that was good for Irish, who, at age 14, is starting to become more amd more rideable, such that I can now actually do counter canter work on him at home, something which seemed totally unachieveable a year or so ago, when cantering a single circle without him leaping and bounding was an achievement in itself.  Also now having been able to graduate from working him in a Gogue, to draw reins, and now just a long running martingale is also huge progress.

Also good to have George Morris as a confirmed visitor to do Clinics here in January.  George is fresh from guiding the US Team to their second successive Team Jumping Gold Medal at the Olympics, with Beezie Madden also picking up Individual Bronze.  He for sure has been one of my most influential jumping trainers, and really set me on a successful path with Apache way back in 1986.  He is with the support also of NSWIS, and will conduct a clinic here at Mount White, as he loves our jumping field, and SIEC, as well as possibly one in Victoria.  Any enquiries for interested participants, or spectators (George loves an audience) can be directed to me.  Dates will probably be 9th to the 11th January, and the 12th - 15th.

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