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5 June 2008

So having lost most of my update, I will still give everyone some of the anecdotes, that I HAD recorded in more detail...

It was great to have Hillary Scott there grooming for Laurie and DAN.  She has had a great time at Gillie´s with PRO RATINA, and now attending a big show learning the horse management side of things, great experience for a young rider.  This was also proved by Paul Athanasoff, who was Jenny  Parlevliet´s groom on the 1995 European Tour, and here he is now jumping some fabulous rounds on NICKLAUS; After a shaky ride in the Table A class, Paul came out and rode like a hero in the massive Grand Prix for a 4 fault round just out of the placings.

After Bla´s super clear round in the first class, which of course didn´t count for selection (bummer!), I decided it was time for some serious partying, and catching up with mates from eons ago.  So it was fun to spend time with Lars Nieberg, Franke Sloothaak, and for sure Thomas Fruhmann and Hugo Simon, who make Laurie and I look like a pair of kids, but hey, both guys are still riding super.  Also, Debby Molloy, now Winkler, who spent a fair bit of time in Australia in the Wentworth Park days.

Franke Sloothaak is a teeny bit eccentric, and now rides all his horses in a weird kind of bitless bridle, but it worked extremely well in the GP on LEGURIO.  He also has the cutest Hungarian something pooch that he delighted in showing me all it´s party tricks.  He said it´s just like training a horse, but as everyone knows, I can train a horse, but my dogs do exactly what they like, and are purely ornamental!

Poor Marcus Ehning was just before me on Day 1 and 2, so I felt obliged to go up to him after the second day and apologize for probably always being in his way, as the warm up area was not so big, as a) I am blonde b) I don´t understand the language and c) Because of my vision problems I don´t see anyone coming up on my right side.  He just laughed and said it was absolutely no problem, especially when I pointed out that it didn´t seem to be affecting his form anyway, he had a fabulous win in the jump off class on the super mare NOLTES KUCHENGIRL.

Very glad on Sunday that I walked the course for the final of the Medium Tour, because it was gigantic, and bigger than any World Cup I have seen built in Australia.  So I´m thinking Holy hell, this is for the second best 40 horses at this show?????  So I was a little prepared for the massive track we had to jump, and relieved that only 5 did go clear out 47.  Certainly sorted our troops out a bit, but that´s what we were there for...




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