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5 February 2008

Now getting back into competitions and teaching full swing, and starting to miss being a normal person where on weekends one could relax and read Sunday papers...

But all students are showing such improvement it makes all the work very satisfying. I was unaware that at the Junestar Park Show, Carrie Innes and her little spotless appy Favourite gained there first bow by being double clear and third in the 90 cms. Also her first double clear round! They continued their good form with great rounds up to 1.05 metres at Central Coast Jump Club the following week, while her sister Tarryn jumped some lovely rounds on Charlotte Moore's Silver Centre, who is on loan while Charlotte settles into her new home in Brisbane.  Central Coast had a great roll up with Rod Brown having designed a very efficient course that allowed the next rider to start while the previous rider was 3 fences from home! And the next rider after that was in the arena ready to go. It is amazing how quickly everybody is adapting to this system that allows us to get through large numbers quickly and efficiently, so everyone can enjoy the day, and be home well before dark. Nakita also jumped great rounds on Nike and Jane, while I was delighted with Strutts, a thoroughbred off the track finally having his first outing, as well as Koko, Cassie, Bla and Irish. Thanks Rod for the help on the ground with the latter two..

Last Sunday we had a competition day at Sydney Jump Club, and unlike the previous time there whe n it was so hot we all nearly expired, it was quite cool with a bit of rain, so infinitely preferable. The ground stayed extremely good, with the sand/kikuyu surface draining extremely well, and David Lawrences' courses also riding great. Lee Warneke was just back from OS holidays, and jumped some good rounds on Strawberry Girl (aka Puzzle), which was her first outing in the 5 months she has owned her, thanks to EI! Nakita continued to ride great, winning the 1 metre class on Nike, and I think was the fastest jump off round on Jane in the 1.30 metre class, but heartbreakingly just rolled the last fence behind. Koko and Cassie were good girls to be 2nd in their respective classes, the D Grade and the 1.10 metre respectively, and Irish jumped a 0/4 round in the 1.30, where we had a bit of turning hiccup in a new bit configuration. He continues to become more and more rideable, thank heavens, and Bla stayed at home because I just feel she is starting to turn the corner in her flatwork, and at last realizing what a half halt really is, so I hope this will carry over to her jumping also, where backing up to a fence is often not her biggest priority!

And this is a photo of Nakita Barbour on my first born PREMIER DES HAYETTES, NIKE DH, who won the 1 metre class at SJC last Sunday:

Nakita Barbour on Nike

And the photo below is Lee Warneke, on ELIZA JANE's half sister, STRAWBERRY GIRL, both looking very stylish!

Lee Warneke on Puzzle

So Central Coast Jump Club again this weekend, weather permitting, then I have a week in the Philippines coaching, then back to the serious business of getting 5 horses ready for Sydney Show. Bla and Irish are in Part 1, Ricci and Jane in Part 2, and Cassie will be making her Royal Show debut in Part 3.  Thank goodness Nakita will be coming back to help out Christine there, as well as stay for Copabella, JK Williams and Nat Ch'ships at SIEC.

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