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20 May 2007

Congratulations to Canberra rider Jess Sciannimanica who has just purchased SNOWSHOES. Heidi and I have told her it's on one condition (apart from the mandatory excellent home condition!), that we get tons of photos of the ERROL foal when it arrives, it will be soooo cute!
Speaking of ERROL, his second child that I have bred, PUMA, has been broken in. I had sent the first one I bred, NIKE, to Barry Munt to break in as a 2 year old, and he did an excellent job, and was most enthusiastic about what a quiet, lovely horse he was to break in. So this time, with a bit of time on my hands, and an enthusiastic Pommy offsider in Becky Mason, I thought we'd do PUMA ourselves, as he has always been so quiet. We had to borrow some stuff from neighbour Heath Harris, as it's been years since I used to break in my mum and dads' thoroughbred yearlings, but really we needn't have worried. We started the process last Tuesday, and by yesterday (Saturday) PUMA was ambling around under saddle with Becky, both in the lungeing yard,and the arena like he had been doing it all his life. Today I was brave enough to hop on and trot and canter him around. Such fun! So he'll have a few more days work, and then spell again til the end of the year.
In the meantime ERROL has been busy. Having returned from doing stud duties with Andrew Inglis and Jenny Sheppard, I have been using him to cover CLICHE (PUMA's dam), and ROSIE (ELIZA JANE and PUZZLE'S dam), in the hope of getting a filly. Also John Cooper Snr assures me that the ERROL colt out of ROSIE is the best type of horse they have ever bred. High praise indeed! I have no idea why I'm breeding all these horses, as soon I'm going to be way too old to ride them, but at least they all seem to be nice, quiet horses for a little old lady. And luckily he is also such a quiet stallion to handle for a little old lady!
In a few more weeks all the good guys will be coming back into work for the Elysian shows, so I will be needing another person to help here at Team Roycroft. So I really need either a person who wants to be a groom that I can pay, or someone who wants to be a working student, who doesn't get paid so well, but can bring their own horse, and can have lessons. So anybody who is interested please contact me ASAP, either by email or phone. There'll be quite a bit going on this year, with Queensland in July, then Melbourne Royal looks to have a good program in September, and the Nationals in Canberra in October.

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