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18 October 2007

So the horses have had EI for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and appear to be getting through it okay.  It seems quite random as to how it affects them, with some having a worse cough, a few snotty noses, and some, mainly the imported horses who have had previous flu vaccinations, having very few, if any, symptoms.  However, every morning all of them are there waiting for their breakfast, so I have not seen the need to treat anyone as yet.  The only exception has been Sophie Edward's mare, CHARLOTTE, who had been due to foal on the 11th October.  As she had the temperature spikes Sophie gave her btz for a few days, and finally last Friday morning she gave birth to a lovely bay colt.  Because she was overdue and running milk for a few days we called in our vet Brett Jones to make sure all was well, and he ended up giving him some plasma after 24 hours to make sure he got all his essential vitamins.  But so far he appears not to be flu affected, so we hope his mum was able to pass on some antibodies.  For a maiden mare, she has been a fabulous mum, with plenty of milk, and being able to cope with ROSIE hovering around, obviously giving sound mothering advice, like an anxious aunt!  Both ROSIE and CLICHE will have their own ERROL foals next year sometime.

Another sad thing to report (and this year has been full of them...) is the passing of Father Paul Rheinberger, a lovely, lovely man who was a familiar sight to all who attended jumping shows, particularly in NSW.  He was always there, keeping the most meticulous written and photographic records of every horse and rider that competed, and always ready with friendly words and congratulations at the presentations.  He will be sadly missed.

As for me, I'm suffering serious riding withdrawal, and waiting impatiently for some of the younger ones to be well enough to start riding again.  The EFA appears now to have enough vaccine to do all registered horses, although I regretfully had to tell them that all mine were EI positive now, so they were making their own antibodies!  But it looks like the sport should be up and running again by the end of the year, with hopefully a few Jump Clubs and Elite and Development Squad Clinics happening in November/December.  Clinics will be good, as I feel I will have forgotten how to ride by then..

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