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13 November 2007

The blood tests on the two Noblewood Park mares came back fine. A few little anomalies, but nothing to get stressed about. Both my vet Brett Jones and I think that way too much can be read into blood counts, it's a bit like x rays, with bad x rays often having no bearing on the soundness of horses whatsoever.  So it still goes back to the horsemanship and common sense aspects, and this is often so lacking in a lot of people in the business.
So Blatini started work a few days ago, and is fine. It was interesting to note that both blood tests came back very similar, and yet Bla showed more EI symptoms than Cassie, with Bla having the cough, temperature and snotty nose, while Cassie had little more than a runny nose.  I must also give huge credit at this point to the product of my wonderful sponsors, MITAVITE, whose feed has also kept the horses in good fettle, and has been a great help in their good recovery.

The only negative thing seems to be that Rosie, Eliza Jane's dam, aborted the Errol foal she was carrying, presumably from the EI.  But curiously enough, Cliche, also an older mare, and one that has been notoriously difficult to get in foal, has managed to hang on to hers, and is still in foal. And the third mare in the paddock, Sophie Edward's Charlotte, foaled 10 days after EI hit, and the cute as a button colt foal was, and still is, as healthy as a little trout.

So at this point in time we have ten horses back in work, and all are as well as can be. In fact with the flush of spring grass we are getting at the moment, the lunge rein is permanently on the arena, as the nutrition in the grass is like feeding them a bucket of oats each day! But it is great to have such chirpy, happy horses to work with. 

I have been helped of late by firstly Susi Schwetje, a German girl who has been travelling in Australia, and was looking to do some work experience, and she was a great assett and a good rider. She is now travelling in W.A., and looking to come back for a week or two in December. 

Then Andrew and Bettina Hoy rang about a Japanese boy, Daike, who has been based in their UK yard for the last 7 months, but is in Australia now till the end of this month, and he turned up last Sunday, and is also a great help, and a lovely rider, especially on the young horses. Also Christine Wenham is now here from S.A. looking to take on the critical stable manager job, which is now very necessary with all the activities stepping up again.
It is great to have people coming for lessons again, and be back in the swing of things.
I also get fitted for my new 'eye' this week, so by the end of the month I should look like a normal (I use the term loosely) person again!  Now all we need to do is get some competitions up and running again, and we'll almost be back to normal. At least there is the Gilbert Bockmann Clinic to look forward to at SIEC next month.

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