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Vicki jumping Premier des Hayettes.

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Roycroft Stables is owned and operated by Vicki Roycroft. Vicki has been a member of three Olympic and three World Championship Teams. A highly successful International showjumping competitor and a highly qualified riding and showjumping instructor, both in Australia
and overseas.

Roycroft Stables is situated in Mount White, New South Wales and boasts a well established 40 acre property, comprising of two outdoor all weather arenas, 11 stables and 10 well fenced paddocks of an acre each.

Roycroft Stables specialise in horse and rider education and training, and assistance in selecting competition horses through Vicki's National and International contacts.

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15 January 2017


Once again it has been an amazing fortnight working with this fabulous horseman.

George Morris again made the long trip down under (thanks to Helen Chugg for organizing travel itinerary) to assist the lucky riders who attended his Clinics to achieve the goal of being better riders and horse masters. At 78 George is still so passionate about what he does, and preaching the message of good horsemanship and forward, light riding is the most successful way.  This was exemplified by 5 of the 6 riders who were in the Final Individual jump off at the Rio Olympics all being proponents of this way of riding.

When I picked him up from the airport, I was expecting a more frail, elderly person, having not seen him for 2 years.  Well I am here to say, he looked just as fit and well as ever, and demonstrated that by riding, and improving, at least 3 horses a day in every Clinic.  The change is that this George has mellowed somewhat.  Still the demand for excellence and attention to detail as cornerstones for success, but there were no tears or tantrums as in the past! It was interesting for me to observe the Clinic at the fabulous facility at Boneo Park. The improvement in all his students at all 3 levels was quite dramatic, but the dynamics of how much he pushed to get his result with the various exercises, and demonstrations when riding the different horses had the greatest effect. 

The Clinics here at Mount White were also wonderful, and fortunately not too hot, and the groups here were peppered with the diehards of me, Amanda Madigan,  Chris Chugg and Tom McDermott (Tom had a brief flirtation with the German system, but has I believe, returned to the fold!).  It is so easy, this forward, light, leg to hand system.  Yes, I think I prefer to ride like Eric Lamaze or Beezie Madden, rather than Christian Ahlmann! I think it was pretty nice for George to have 3 Games representatives in his group in me, Chugg and Peter McMahon.  Also Colleen Brook, and at Boneo, me, Matt Williams and Jenny Parlevliet, all Olympians, as his Ring Crew!

Also gratifying to get all the positive feedback from the riders in the Clinics, as well as those who came to spectate, with George giving excellent knowledge and value for their $40 spectator fee.  The good news is that George has committed to return again for the Clinics in 2017/18, so polish your boots and tack, and get in early to share this gifted man’s simple, but eminently successful, philosophy.


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